Wednesday, November 15, 2017

"Don't Wallow In The Moment"

There will be many times when things don't go our way. Likewise there will be many times where we'll be responsible for making mistakes. But don't let those moments turn into more than just a moment. Release them and jump back into the saddle as quickly as possible. Keep pushing onward to your destination.

Don't give way to the negativity that will undoubtedly find you. Instead make every ounce of your energy count. Keep it moving. And by any means necessary, don't wallow in the moment.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

No Free Buffet

When we go on all-inclusive vacations, we pay to have everything that we need at our disposal. We have our room, entertainment, and unlimited food and drinks, all within reach, at no additional cost, all of the time. But getting all that we want out of life works quite differently. There is no such thing as a one-time payment for everything that we will ever need or want for the remainder of our days.

There will be no free buffet of our dreams, attractively located in one place, just waiting for us to arrive and partake of them all at our leisure. Instead, we have to pay the price for each and every dream, individually, as we take our journey through life. Everything that we want to experience, has to be created, one dream at a time. So we have to get to work, for we will only consume and enjoy what we make happen.

Today, I encourage you to create and enjoy your future, one dream at a time. And for those of us who haven't sought after any dreams in a while, remember, we're only as good as our last dream achieved...Don't live on your past accomplishments. Create some new ones...What have you done for you lately? (In the rhythm of Janet Jackson's "What have you done for me lately?)
LOL...I'm joking, but for real though.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Get Back In Tune

When a musician plays an instrument, it sounds beautifully only when it is in tune. If it is not in tune, the sound is not harmonic, and therefore not appealing.

It is important to know that at some point, every instrument that starts off in tune, needs to be adjusted. Just the process of playing it for a period of time may cause its sound to become off key. Likewise, the same thing can happen to us.

If we have been doing something for a prolonged period of time, it may be time to tune up. We could be playing all of the right notes, but unless we make sure our instrument is in tune, the outcome will be undesirable. In fact, we may even be repelling people and making fools of ourselves...But that doesn't have to be the case.

Today, I encourage everyone to take the time to get back in tune. Adjust your life to be in the right key so that you can go forward making beautiful music. You can do it!! As a matter of fact, you owe it to yourself.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Out of Nowhere

Earlier this year, I was injured in a car accident. Fortunately, I didn't break any bones, but the muscle spasms, and shooting pains were consistently painful. And overall, more than my physical body was hurt. In fact, it seemed like my life overall, was falling apart.  Many facets just began to unravel nonstop.

The ironic thing, was that that period of unforeseen breakdowns, was also a period where I had decided beforehand to focus on building myself up. I had just entered into a new phase, filled with actions geared towards completing the process of creating a new me. And as life would have it, turmoil found me while I was in that deliberate and volatile state of transition...Isn't it funny how negative situations have the tendency to find us when we're on a path to self-improvement?

Nevertheless, though the process kept being difficult and torturous, I kept pushing through, There was really no other choice. I knew that I had to keep sewing in that season of lack. so that I would have a harvest to reap in the next season.  And who knows, my harvest could supernaturally be ready at any time, right?...Absolutely!!

I received a glimpse of that last night as I laid in my bed. While doing nothing but smiling and reminiscing on the fact that I had successfully made it through another trying day, in spite of all that worked against me, I felt a warm sensation come over my body. I immediately knew that there was a change happening. And it came out of nowhere. From the first recognition of the presence of the unexplained energy, I clearly knew that what the doctors couldn't fix, was miraculously being healed.

Overnight, joints that were pinched, released. Muscles that were tight, loosened, Knots holding my digestive system hostage, were untangled, and most of the tension in my head, neck, shoulders and back, simply vanished.

I consider my body's health, by far my most important asset. And if God can come out of nowhere and fix my body in a matter of moments, I am totally confident in His ability to show up again, at any given time, and fix any and everything else that may be wrong in my life. And the same applies to you and yours.

God will come out of nowhere and fix "it" for you. He is no respecter of persons, and His time and timing is not our own. Trust in His power and know that your breakthrough could come to you even as quickly as now. And remember that it may have nothing to do with your assistance or efforts. It may just happen out of nowhere, just because.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Decide To Enjoy The Ride

In life, just like with vehicles, sometimes we have to speed up, slow down, come to a complete stop, yield, change lanes, avoid accidents, recover from accidents, reroute, get directions, miss potholes, wash off, gas up, and get maintenance, We do all of these things with the intent of increasing our odds of arriving to our destinations. And most often, we do so with a natural sense of contentment. That's because we have accepted that all of the above are expected to occur to some degree.

In life, that reigns true as well. Things will just happen to a degree. So you might as well decide to enjoy the ride.

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

It Hurts So Good

As I do the work required on the road to success, I sometimes find myself alone and in pain. On occasion I experience physical fatigue, mental anguish, financial lack, and spiritual exhaustion. But anyone who has ever accomplished anything like a degree, childbirth, entrepreneurship, elite athleticism, weight-loss, etc., knows that working to achieve something, doesn't always feel good in the process. In fact, to acquire most things of substance, experiencing some measure of pain is expected.

Just like building muscles in our bodies, in building our desired lives, unless we get to an uncomfortable place, there will be little to no change.  Scientifically, discomfort is proven to be a necessary and integral catalyst that naturally forces us to improve ourselves.  So while the burn-out to exhaustion, associated with muscle fatigue when working out, means that we are on the road to getting stronger, that doesn't eliminate the fact that in the process, we experience temporary and intentional weakness. In other words, we deliberately push ourselves to the point where there is nothing left, because it is at that point, where positive change is initiated.

Today, I encourage you to think of the hurts along the way to where you're going as good. And understand that noone can go through the life shaping events that you're experiencing for you, but you, because you alone will be the recipient of the results that come from completing the process. And throughout the process, let the growing pains be a reminder that you are enduring whatever you may be going through now, sacrificially, to achieve the bigger picture designed for you later. You can do it!!!

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Don't Negotiate Your Value

Whatever you think you're worth, that's what you're worth. So I encourage you to think highly of yourself, and don't negotiate your value to appease others.

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