Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Time Is Coming

Last night, I looked at a depiction of the biblical story of Noah. If you have ever attended Sunday school, then you may know that he and his family were heavily mocked for building an ark, or large boat, when there was no rain. They were taunted and made to feel crazy. The onlookers figured that they had misheard or misinterpreted God's instructions. But nevertheless, Noah continued to follow the instructions exactly as they were given because he knew that the time was coming for God to bring His word to pass. Upon the completion of the arc, once Noah had done his part, God did exactly as He said, and the earth was flooded. Noah's obedience saved him and allowed he and his family to continue to live as God intended. They had turned over a new leaf and entered into a new era of life.

As Noah's story pertains to you, God may have provided you with specific instructions to carry out a particular task or plan. In fact, the directions may not initially make sense to you. You may even question if you heard God correctly or even heard from God at all. However, I encourage you to trust your inner guidance and agree to walk in obedience, even if you look and feel crazy while doing so. In due time, once you complete your part, God will do just what He said, and bring the plan through to completion. So don't wait to get started, and don't give up before you finish.

Today, it is important to understand that the word of God cannot come back void. Therefore, if He has whispered a promise to you, know that without a shadow of a doubt, He will do just what He said. After you complete your part, He will add His splendor, and allow something new in your life that the whole world will have no choice but to recognize. So while you may look crazy for now, know that the time is coming when those around you will eventually "get it" and marvel over God's work in your life.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Be Specific

As I reflect on how I'm currently positioned, I must say that I'm not at all surprised. Remarkably, almost every scenario present in my life is something that I clearly saw happening to and for me long ago. I started at a pretty young age taking God up on His promises. As a result, I've become extremely comfortable taking chances to do big things, while believing for even bigger opportunities.

I am so overjoyed with the grace and mercy that follows me throughout my journey. It allows me to live fearlessly, yet patiently, while eagerly awaiting the manifestation of the remainder of my destiny. I know that God hears my requests and knows my heart as He keeps delivering exactly what I request, with a touch of favor sprinkled on top.

Today, I encourage you to be specific in requesting every desire of your heart, which should line up with your God-given purpose(s). If  I can have my heart's desires so can you. What is it that you desire? Be specific.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sometimes You're The Last To Know

Sometimes, life treats us to surprises. And while some surprises can take us for a negative spin, others will take us into a place of pure and pleasant excitement. I think of it like making your way to a surprise party where you are the exalted honoree.  Even though you may not have been included in the planning process, somehow everything and everyone is in order, awaiting your arrival, so that you can be purposefully praised.

While getting to a surprise event may be more difficult than not, considering that most people want to know who, what, when, where, why and how before they get into motion, the reason for the endured frustration of it all eventually becomes apparent. While you may initially feel misled, down the road you'll get to see that the trusted few guiding you where you needed to be at the appointed time, had everything under control. With that being said, we have to trust that the right people, in the right places,  are working on our behalf, even if we never have any knowledge of it. The fact is that unbeknownst to us, a source is operating in our best interest behind the scenes. And due to that investment in us, it is quite possible that we'll experience a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment that extends beyond the limits of our imagination.

Today, I encourage you to understand that sometimes our path has been predestined by a trusted source. Although it may appear that while in route, things are weird and out of order, know that they are just as they should be. A divine surprise has been orchestrated on your behalf. And with any surprise done right, it is intentional that you don't know exactly what's going on until the big reveal. So the next time a figurative monkey wrench is thrown into your life, and you have no idea what's going on, understand that it may be intentional. It may be keeping you from messing up the greatest surprise of your life. And don't be surprised if you're the last to know. It's all part of the plan. 

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Use It All Up

I like to think of the way I operate in my life, like businesses look at budgets. My goal is to use everything that I possess, as far as talent, creativity, and charity, completely up. In business, you are encouraged to exhaust your budget as  allocated, so that you are eligible to receive more funds and support in the following year. If the given resources aren't depleted, then the company realizes that they gave you more than what you required. As a result, your budget will be decreased for the next term, and what they take from you will be reassigned to another department that has proven to have a more evident need, based on the fact that they utilized all of their funds as intended.

Today, I encourage you to avoid losing what's been given to you because you're not using it to it's fullest potential. Don't let your portion of talent, creativity and resources be decreased, only to be given to the person who already seems to have more than their fair share. Don't be lazy and lose what's rightfully yours to the go-getter who is eagerly anticipating inheriting what you continue to let lie dormant. It's no coincidence that a person who is continuously on their grind, stays leveling up. Be amongst them instead of envying and hating on them. You are equipped with everything that you need to do what needs to get done where you are right now. However, it's up to you to get to work and use it all up.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Contribute A Smile

Once we've figured out how to enjoy our lives while helping others, we've figured out what living is all about. We were made for far more than just self gratification. We were created to, in some degree, impact every life that crosses our path.With that being said, we should be contributing to the betterment of the world at every given chance. Nothing is too big or too small. Whatever we have to share is an important contribution to society.

Today, I encourage you to be conscious of helping others by sharing a smile. It's free, and available to all. Minimally, we can help others to smile, by simply smiling. Smiling is one of our most abundant, powerful, and therapeutic life-changing resources that we will ever possess. It can instantly transform the tone of someone's day, or even life, to sway on the side of positive. Therefore, it is important that we smile as often as we interact with people. Trust me, somebody is in need of the contribution of your smile today. Give it.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Who Cares What They Think???

I can recall a time in my life when I allowed my fear of what others would think, to dictate my life.  I was damaged by the negative contributions of doubt and disbelief from those closest to me. Therefore, I only did what I thought would get their approval. I wanted to avoid the backlash that would come if I shared something bigger than their normal choices.

Now I realize that they spoke out of their own insecurities. If they were scared of doing something greater than the average, then from their perspective, you couldn't and shouldn't attempt to do or be more either. It's sad but true. Those closest to you, could be the main ones tearing you down and keeping you from your destiny.

When I cared about what people thought of me, my obedience, in regards to doing what I believed in my heart, God wanted me to do. was minimal. That made me miserable. I didn't understand why the people closest to me didn't understand that I was different...That God's plan for me was different.

Besides, these were the same good Christian people that I had known all of my life. I was only acting according to what I was taught. But as it turned out, they just wanted me to know what faith was, and not necessarily act on it. I felt frustrated with myself, and silently began to resent those who were supposed to love me.

Then one day, I decided to not care about what anyone thought. I decided to walk out my life's journey without fear or the need for approval. The only approval that I desired was God's, and he had already told me that everything worked out for my good. I knew that I  had power over all things, and finally I was bold enough to wholeheartedly believe it. That was a truly a freeing moment.

I thought about the fact that the world was much bigger than our immediate friends and family. In fact, they were outnumbered by billions of people. So why let a handful of people keep you from the few billions of people, who God has purposed for you to reach?

If God told you to do something, do it. He will handle the provisions. He doesn't need anything from you but your obedience. He has the whole world in His hands. And that includes everything that you need to get the job done.

So forgot about what those close to you have to say. As a matter of fact, forget about what any critic has to say. If they are not a part of the plan, don't even tell them what you're doing. Remove the opportunity for them to kill the dream by sparing them the details. Some people only "get it" when they see the end results. And still, there will be some who never "get it". But who cares what they think? Your journey is your own. So own it.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Get Through The Door

Sometimes you can put your best foot forward, and talk a good talk and walk a good walk, only to find that you can't enter into your imminent domain once arriving to your intended destination. It can be super frustrating to be so close that you're able to peak through the window holding your future hostage, and see everything that awaits you, only to find that it still remains outside of your reach. But you can't abandon the mission at that point, just because the door doesn't open how and when it is expected. Sometimes it's just a matter of waiting, while other times, it may be a matter of listening out for and following additional instructions.

Some doors only open if someone is opening them from the inside. Simply put, sometimes no matter what you do, the ball may be outside of your court. However, regardless of the scenario standing in-between you and your future, you should be willing to beat on the door that leads to your promise until someone from the inside sees your relentless determination and comes to let you in.

Other doors open with a special combination. Sometimes you have to listen closely, as combinations can be changed. I say that figuratively, but literally, if your method isn't working, you may want to check with the power to be, to see if He has changed the recipe needed for you to enter into your destiny. While you may have been instructed to do one thing a certain way before, the present and future may require a totally different approach to get through the door.

Regardless of the door that stands between you and what's rightfully yours, know that just because you have been kept on the outside of the door for the moment, that doesn't mean that you will be denied forever. Keep knocking or making adjustments until you get in. Get through the door. You can do it.

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